Thursday, September 5, 2013

The best doctors in the world

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why you shouldn't use eyeglasses with false UV filter

Why do some types of sunglasses damage your eyes? Why is it very essential that sunglasses must have ultraviolet protection (otherwise it is better not to use them at all)? What are ultraviolet rays?...

The UV rays are not visible to our eyes, but they are emitted from the sun together with the visible and non visible spectrum. In other words, they are sun rays that we don't see, but are pretty damaging to our skin and eyes. When we stay too long in the sun we get sunburn from these rays. 

Now imagine these rays inside your eyes, or like it is otherwise called, in the retina. Retina is one of the most sensible part of our eyes. The light is captured there and thanks to the retina it is translated in neurological messages, which are deciphered by our brain and voila the images are seen. Do not think that the ultraviolet spectrum is bad, by any means! It is also good and thanks to it, we can produce the vitamin D in our skin.) 

The lenses of sunglasses are composed of filters that form a barrier to a part of the sun’s visible spectrum rays, so in this way we can comfortable see in sunlight. But, when we put on the sunglasses the amount of light entering in our eyes is, in this way, reduced, resulting in the eyes being physiologically dilated. The major part of the sunglasses are so dark that even when our pupils are fully dilated, the amount of visible sunlight entering into our eyes doesn't make us uncomfortable. 

The problem is the absence of ultraviolet filters in some cheap sunglasses, because if these kind of rays are not stopped and the pupils are dilated, the amount of UV-rays entering the retina will increase dramatically, resulting in damaging it! So, you can get retina burn just like sun burn of the skin! Especially if you use sunglasses without UV-filters in high latitude and snowing areas. Because the higher we are, the bigger is the amount of sun radiation that we take, especially UV-rays. 

So, when you go skiing, sunglasses with UV protection are a must and if you like to wear normal sunglasses, be sure that they have the UV- protection filters, or don't use them at all.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Autumn-Winter fashion for 2013/14

There's no way to deny, that the 90's are very much present in the Autumn-Winter design for 2013/14. From metallic glam to grungy flanno shirts, slip dresses and combat boots... See below the latest trends for this fall and winter right from the runways.

1. Oxblood red

Fall Winter 2013-2014 Trends

Red will be the color of fall and winter in 2013 and 2014. This color is made even more dramatic with deeper, darker undertones. 

2. Doctor's bag

The doctor bag is here to stay. Major designers are giving this classic a twist to match diverse and sophisticated tastes and requirements.

3. Turtleneck

Fall 2013-2014 Fashion

The turtleneck will be a mainstay during fall and winter 2013 and 2014. Fashionable tight turtlenecks will mix nicely with a skirt or dress.

4. Chill-out metallic

Evening dresses and tops in shimmering metallic colors create a chillingly sexy look. These will be complemented with cool accessories such as minaudieres and handbags in similar styles.

5. Seductive lace


Who can resist the romantic and feminine look of lace? Intricate crochet and delicate adornments will seduce this fall and winter. Besides the classic black and white lace, the item will be available in oxblood red, golden hues and other fashion colors. Evening-wear came with a wealth of dramatic effect thanks to the incorporation of sheertulle and chiffon layers

6. Pastel temptation

Runway 2013-2014

Pastels certainly brighten up a winter's day. Very feminine and chic, soft shades of blue and pink will conquer wardrobes. Lush sweaters and coats will be complemented with bags and belts.

7. Pattern

Runway 2013-2014
Pattern is such a big component in fashion at the moment and when it came to Autumn- Fall 13/14 design, there is an air of traditionalism. Emphasised shoulders, animal print, stripes and leather are still hot on the runways, so don't go clearing any of these staples out of your closet just yet. 

Studded and tassled shoe boots, equine-chic rider boots and poppin pumps in cobalt blue and hot pink were also spotted on runways from New York to Paris. 

Skirts were predominantly maxi or just over the knee in length. The wrap skirt also featured in a number of collections

When it comes to pants, variety is the keyword, which is great news as this means there is literally something to fit every body shape. From wide-legged bell bottoms to tightly cropped cigarette pants, harem styles are also still very current. Pattern is the main feature that unifies and there are many; stripes (tending wide), floral, digiprint, polka dots or 'polka hearts'. Keep your look clean by teaming with a minimal top or rock it out with a patterned top (remember to co-ordinate with color) or novelty knit. 

The silhouette for coats the Fall-Winter 13/14 is oversize. 

Dark navy is the new black and ecru the new white. Different shades of grey are present.

So... Now you've got the idea, what colors should you be looking for? This Autumn Winter we've noted a range of hues that encapsulate much of the spectrum from Red to Blue. Stick to this range of colors and you're assured to be on trend this fall and winter. See below the Autumn Winter 2013/14 Colour Guide for an idea.

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