Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blood in urine, first aid tips

Are you seeing your urine becoming red? First of all be sure not to confuse the color of your urine. Because when we exercise a lot or we are dehydrated at the same time, the color of the urine is very intense! In these cases, the urine takes a very strong orange color or even dark brown. So, be sure to distinguish the right color of it, before becoming a little anxious.

But if you see your urine becoming red, than no matter how you are feeling, you should go immediately to see your doctor.

The causes of hematuria (blood in urine) are numerous, ranging from any viral infections of the urinary tract, to severe problems of it.

In order for the blood to show in the urine, a severe problem must occur. The urinary tract is made of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, prostate and urethra. The anatomical structure of the urinary tract must have suffered anatomical changes, in order for the blood to leave the blood vessels and mix with urine. 

These things don't happen with no reason and usually are accompanied with other symptoms like pain when urinating and urinating often or colic pain or after a severe trauma, such as falling from a height, a car accident, an injury done by sharp objects, or a bullet which must have destroyed the urinary tract.

Other causes of hematuria are the infections caused from some kind of viruses, or some types of bacteria that are responsible for some sexually transmitted diseases. Even the bladder, kidney and ureter stones are responsible for hematuria, usually accompanied by pain and fever. 

Malign or benign tumors in the urinary tract can be the cause for hematuria, especially in the old population and the benign prostatic hyperplasia can be a major cause of hematuria in older men, especially those over 50.

In women, who are in the middle of their menstrual cycles, when peeing, their urine is often mixed with the blood that is present in their genital organs or in the urethra. In this case, there is nothing to be afraid of. You are not suffering from anything. 

There exist some kind of drugs that can give red color to the urine, such as Rifampicine and Phenazopyridine. If you are taking these drugs and your urine turns red, contact with your doctor as soon as possible and stop taking them, until you see your physician.

If you just suffered from a trauma or a fall and you thought that nothing happened, but when you urinated, you saw your urine in a red color, than this is a red flag. Go immediately to the hospital.

The causes of hematuria are numerous, although some of them are very rare. The most important thing to keep in mind, is that this is not a normal thing and you should immediately go to see your doctor. This doesn't mean that you are suffering from a serious illness, since the major causes of hematuria are not serious ones.

Stay well!


  1. I think there a lot of alternative natural supplement that you can use for those kind of problem. I've been looking for alternative such as saw palmetto supplement or just by drinking a lot of water, or even coconut juice is a good alternative that might a possibly help you with your urinary problem.

  2. Thanks Sandarawills for your comment. Saw Palmetto supplement may help with urinary problems, but drinking a lot of fluids is definitely very good for you. You can avoid dehydration and also your kidneys will thank you. It is great to drink lots of fluids even for people with diabetes, high blood tension, or to diminish headache. Even though, I am a bit skeptic on supplements. I found them to have more like a placebo effect than anything. But, there are some natural remedies, that I fully believe work. I need to write a post on them specifically. xoxo


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